Living EAM Platform by Softplant GmbH

Release 5.0 of our Living EAM Platform

We have just released Living EAM Platform version 5.0. It includes following new features and improvements:

  • Overview pages – structure elements
    • Complex relationships between two architecture elements are typically modeled using structure classes. When using overview pages, editing these structure elements are now supported using a new editor. The new structure elements component can be added using the configuration of overview pages.
  • Context information
    • With lists or trees of individuals as well as for serveral visualisations (cluster map, bar chart, pie chart, radar chart), context information are shown instead of descriptions if they are configured for the specific architecture element.

Our contact persons are available for any questions regarding the new features of our Living EAM Platform. In case you need more information, we would be happy to provide you a test account for our tool.