Living EAM Platform by Softplant GmbH

Release 2.4 of our Living EAM Platform

We have just released Living EAM Platform version 2.3. It includes following new features and improvements:

  • Wallboard Mode for Dashboards: Using the new wallboard mode you can now show a dashboard containing important KPIs or other visualisation in a presentation mode.
  • Analysis and Visualisations
    • Move Analysis and Visualisations: Stored queries or visualisations can now be moved between groups.
    • Tagging of Analysis and Visualisations: Any query or visualisation can now be labled with an indivdual tag. Within the overview you can now switch between group-based and tag-based view.
  • BPMN Editor: An integrated BPMN editor now allows for a graphical editing of business processes.
  • Analysis supports Calculations and Math Functions: Out SPARQL interface now includes feature to perform mathematical operations.
  • OpenID Connect: We have refined the support for OpenID Connect and single-sign-on scenarions especially using ADFS to improve the integration in SSO scenarios.
  • Usability and Performance Improvements

Our contact persons are available for any questions regarding the new features of our Living EAM Platform. In case you need more information, we would be happy to provide you a test account for our tool.