Living EAM Platform by Softplant GmbH

Release 3.3 of our Living EAM Platform

We have just released Living EAM Platform version 3.3. It includes following new features and improvements:

  • Business Model Canvas:
    • We have added new elements to our Living Enterprise Architecture metamodel to describe business models based on the Business Model Canvas. Accordingly we provide configurations for an overview page as well as for quality checks.
  • Editing:
    • Improvement for the editing of architecture elements and individuals: In selection dialogs for architecture elements or individuals we now support multiselections by holding the CTRL-key. Moreover, mutiple new elements can now be created without closing the creation dialog.
    • Handling of mutiple ontologies: In case you have multiple ontologies within your installation, the ontology name can now be show within selection dialogs of T-box elements. Also, in overview pages and selection dialogs elements of other ontologie can be excluded.
    • Analysis: The number of results will now be shown in the title of a query. For simple queries the description of indivduals for the selected class can now be included in the result. Within SPARQL based queries specific columns can now be formatted as color or as date.
    • Query: In the query view you can now access a history of queries so you can access queries that have been executed in the past. Also, the number of results will now be shown.
  • Visualisations:
    • Graph chart: Symmetric object properties are now visualised with an bidirectional arrow within our graph charts.
    • Geolocation: We have revised our geolocation chart and now also supoprt the export to SVG or PNG format.
    • Process chart: In addition to small optimizations wrt. the rendering of roles, we now support the visualisation of gateways. Please note that additional model elements within your architecture metamodel are required for this features.
    • Get information of an individual: When calling the API method GET /editor/individual you can now specify the number of assertions that should be returned for the query. Thus, you can now control the amount of results produced by the call.
  • Additional Changes:
    • Adoption of Java modules (projekt Jigsaw) instead of OSGi: The new release includes first changes to our modular application concept that will be based on the new Java modules system instead of OSGi. This ensures that our platform is technologically up to date.
    • Updated system requirements: Starting from release 3.3 we now support PostgreSQL 10.x as well as OpenJDK 11.x.

Our contact persons are available for any questions regarding the new features of our Living EAM Platform. In case you need more information, we would be happy to provide you a test account for our tool.