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Overview of our satisfied clients


Overview of our satisfied clients

AUDI AG (Project Reference)

Introduction of Enterprise Architecture Management in the Technical Development (TE) of AUDI AG


Bild: History - Objective of ProMoTE Architecture Management

Objective of ProMoTE Architecture­ Management

The ProMoTE Architecture Management should

  • connect the operational needs with the technical solutions
  • align the portfolio of process, method and IT projects with the strategic goals of the TE
  • offer new projects a guidance for the integration into the existing project landscape
  • provide an overview of existing and planned things at any time.


From the first idea in 2008 till today, the Softplant GmbH has been involved as a strategic partner in the planning and implementation of these objectives. In close cooperation with our client, we have identified the needs for action, developed the appropriate solutions.

Architecture Pyramid

Bild: Architecture Pyramid - Extent of the ProMoTE Architecture Mmanagement

Extent of the ProMoTE Architecture Management

Starting with an IT focused view, the ProMoTE Architecture Management has constantly been extended to the include business and process aspects of process, method and IT projects in the TE.

New project proposals are analysed from all necessary dimensions (business, technically and process-related) before they are started as projects. Advisory boards and the required organisation have been established to support project managers during their projects. The ProMoTE Architecture Management methodologically and technically supports project with process models, templates, tools and other supporting resources.

Semantic technologies enable the description of all relevant components of the architecture and their interconnection. The architecture pyramid provides an insight into the scope of the ProMoTE Architecture Management.

Project Content

Bild: Project Content - Benefits for AUDI AG

Benefits for

Within the ProMoTE Architecture Managament various views have been integraed (e.g. business strategy, objectives of departments, business processes, methods and IT).

Based on the strategic objectives of the TE the required actions have been derived and included in a program portfolio management. This ensures that the business objectives are optimally support by processes, methods and IT.

This creates a high level of planning reliability and certainty in decisions for the selection and prioritisation of project proposals. Transparency on the interdependencies of current and planned activities is given at any time.