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Establishing Coordination Mechanisms
Between Business and IT

Create an effective and efficient cooperation between business and IT
based on living enterprise architectures.

Establishing Coordination Mechanisms Between
Business and IT

Create an effective and efficient cooperation between business and IT based on living enterprise architectures.

Enterprise Architectures

Management of Enterprise Architectures

Enterprise Architectures represent complex relationships in companies using an information model. Depending on the focus, an enterprise architecture includes strategic objectives, business workflows, processes, business building blocks, projects, applications, IT platforms and technologies.

An Enterprise Architecture Management (EAM) is a comprehensive management approach aiming at holistically planning and controlling transformations in companies.

Questions & Challenges

An EAM initiative deals, among others, with the following questions and challenges:

  • initiate necessary and appropriate transformations regarding processes and / or IT
  • create project portfolio without business overlap and utilise synergies between projects
  • establish an efficient and cooperative partnership between business and IT

EAM creates an strategic, conceptual and organisational framework to adapt an IT landscape based on the actual business needs.

Your Benefit

The measurable benefits of an EAM initiative increases with maturity and establishment within the company.

Cost Reduction

  • Costs of operations and infrastructure are reduced by increasing the reuse of processes and IT as well as their consolidation and standardisation.
  • Cost drivers and isolated applications are identified by respective analyses and can be eliminated.

Risk Reduction

  • Project risks are reduced by preliminary work of the EAM. Projects can be aligned with each other and optimized with regards to their objective. Thus, conflicts and duplicate work are avoided effectively.
  • Risk analyses, ratings and reviews of various aspects of business and IT are supported. By considering various dependencies, the results are more accurate.

Mastering Complexity

  • An EAM initiative creates a reliable basis for planning and decisions. Analyses on benefits and impacts can be done faster and more accurately. The use of resources is more focused.
  • Goals and visions are made transparent by an EAM. All participants and stakeholders are optimally integrated in the implementation of transformations.

Living Enterprise Architecture

With our Living Enterpsire Architecture approach, we address the key challenges of organising and establishing an EAM in companies.

Interconnecting Existing Information

We utilise existing information within the company and establish its gathering in existing processes in order to collect the required information where they originate. Thus, the setup of an enterprise architecture is realized with less effort. Also, the maintenance gets easier, while the information remain up to date.

Business as Driver – IT as Enabler

For us a, living enterprise architecture requires a deep understanding of the actual business as well as the language and the needs of the business. Only on this basis, the necessary IT support can be purposefully designed and implemented.

Targeted Communication

The involvement of all participants and persons concerned is a key factor for a lived and accepted EAM. A targeted and attractive communication is a key for the setup and establishment of an EAM.

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