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Our Services for a Living Enterprise

Make your enterprise fit for the digital age with our services .

Our Services for a Living Enterprise

Make your enterprise fit for the digital age with our services .

Our Services

Analyse and Evaluate the Current State

Togehter we analyse current state of a process section or a process chain and their support with IT systems.

Develop Target Map and Create a Roadmap

We develop a target map for a process section or process chain and specify the necessary changes to processes and IT.

Initiate Projects and Accompany the Changes

We support you at setting up the necessary change projects and accompany the project implementation.

Design and Support of Communication

We design and develop the required change communication using targeted communication means.

Establish a Systematic Approach

We help you to systematically and purposefully plan and carry out further changes.

Individual Services

Of course we will provide you an individual and accurate offer based on our portfolio upon individual request.

Qualified Support

Project Teams & Communication

Our dedicated team has a broad technical and industry knowledge and continually educates themselves. For each project, we provide a qualified team of experienced professionals as well as young and motivated colleagues. Additionally, we involve professional media designers for creating communication means. Thus, we optimize the use of your resources with respect to time and financial conditions.

Project Organisation

All project team members are permanent employees. This makes it possible for us to react in a short time on new requests and to give you a prompt offer for your upcoming project tasks. Thus, we are able to master all challenges in close cooperation with you within a short amount of time.

Experience & Qualifications

Due to our long lasting experience as an external services provider and strategic partner, our employees quickly and professionally integrate in new project environments. In addition, we provide the necessary pre-qualification for our employees to standards and specifications in your company and branch.

Selected Methods & Technologies

Softplant accompanies and supports you actively in the necessary changes in the course of the digital transformation. Based on our LEA Method®, we offer innovative methods and effective tools to make your business flexible and future-proof. With the necessary vision, we help you to plan changes purposefully and to implement them systematically.


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