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LEA Business Builing Blocks

A stable coordination mechanism between business and IT
is the foundation for the adaptability of your IT.

LEA Business Builing Blocks

A stable coordination mechanism between business and IT is the foundation for the adaptability of your IT.

What Are Business Building Blocks and What Purpose Do They Serve?

LEA-Business Building Blocks

Partnership Between Business and IT

Adaptability of Your IT

The ability to adapt to changing market conditions has become critical for enterprises. They face challenges such as price pressure, competition, new technologies and ever shorter innovation cycles. IT has to actively support the company’s transformation and optimally only implement existing business processes to ensure quick and cost-effective production. IT must also be flexible enough, so it enables new business ideas and activities. To support both today’s and tomorrow’s business, a variety of changes in the IT and business processes must be planned and implemented at the same time. As a solution and implementation for this change management business building blocks have proven the right approach.

Detect Changes in Business

Business buildings blocks as central elements of the business describe what processes and IT solutions should offer. They focus on business requirements rather than technical details of IT implementation. With business building blocks you achieve a mutual understanding of all aspects of the business. With a designated business owner for a business building block you assign a clear task to a representative from the business.

Integrate responsible experts successively in all decisions regarding the business building block. Make use of their expertise to consolidate new demands regarding the business building block and thus to ensure a targeted implementation. With business building blocks you get a stable, reliable basis for planning within the business, so you avoid redundant implementation of requirements.

Enable the Change with IT

Responsibility in the Department

Use business building blocks to analyse existing IT solutions in the value added chain of your company and to identify needs in the IT support or in the business processes. Initiate the necessary changes. The owner of a business building block will always a competent contact person for expert clarification.

Coordination of IT Implementation

Assign a responsible for IT to the owner of a business building block. Thus, your IT projects become part of the business. New business requirements converge in one point. Redundant work are anticipated and can be avoided.

Aligning of IT

Business building blocks provide the foundation for an efficient coordination mechanism to purposefully plan and implement changes in the IT landscape.

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Read more about business building blocks in selected publications (partly in German):

Claudia Hess and Katrin Waldemer:
Transformationen der IT-Landschaft koordinieren,
In: OBJEKTspektrum 05/2014

Claudia Hess, Florian Lautenbacher and Katrin Fehlner:
Business Building Blocks as Coordination Mechanism for Enterprise Transformations,
17th IEEE International Enterprise Distributed Object Computing Conference Workshops (EDOCW), Vancouver, Canada, September 2013, in print

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