Living EAM Platform by Softplant GmbH

Release 3.2 of our Living EAM Platform

We have just released Living EAM Platform version 3.2. It includes following new features and improvements:

  • Visualisations:

    • New visualization types: In addition to the familiar diagram types, bubble diagrams and time line diagrams are now also available. The graph layout map has been completely revised and offers various new configuration and display options.
    • Save visualization as image (PNG format): In addition to the SVG export, you now also have the option to save visualizations as images in PNG format.
    • Link KPIs: For each KPI tile you can now link to an analysis or to another visualization. The analysis or visualization is opened by clicking on a KPI tile.
  • Analysis:

    • Simple queries: The result display for simple queries is now individually configurable. In addition to the Excel export, a PDF export is now also available.
  • Dashboard:

    • Layout: For the Dashboard we have extended the available layouts so that you can create more individual entry pages.
    • Opening a visualization: You can open all visualizations in full screen mode from the dashboard.
  • Editing:

    • Fill level of an architectural element: Rules for quality metrics can be setup for architecture classes. These rules are displayed for each architecture element in a new “Quality” tab. The quality is determined each time an architecture element is edited.
    • Subscription of architectural elements: As a user, you can subscribe to individual architecture elements. An additional gadget is available in the dashboard that you can use to display changes to subscribed elements.
    • Overview pages: Configurable overview pages are now also available in the Living Semantic Platform module. The visibility of the generic overview page can be defined for each class and configured overview page. Within the generic overview page, the display of elements can be restricted to the current ontology.
    • Excel Import: The update mode can now be set for manual Excel import. The display of warnings has been improved.
    • Show/hide descriptions in selection dialogs: A toggle button allows you to activate or deactivate the display of descriptions for individuals in selection dialogs.

    • Performance: The performance of various operations has been improved. In addition, the documentation and error handling has been improved.
    • History: Via the REST API you now have access to the history of individuals.
  • Help System:

    • The new version provides you with a revised help system. The contents of the help system have been slightly restructured and revised.
  • Further Improvements:

    • SSO with Kerberos: Now you can set up a single sign-on with Kerberos in Windows environments.
    • Forwarding with OIDC login: After the OIDC login, you will now be forwarded to the corresponding detail page if you have opened a link to a detail page.
    • Conversion of logos to SVG: By default, application and company logos are now displayed in SVG format. However, PNG images can still be used.
    • Rewriter optimizations: The regexp function for filtering results has been extended in Rewriter. Performance for handling larger queries has been improved.

Our contact persons are available for any questions regarding the new features of our Living EAM Platform. In case you need more information, we would be happy to provide you a test account for our tool.